Who we are

Intellienergy Tech® is an Italian company that designs and produces remote control and monitoring solutions and systems for smart buildings and smart cities.

Customer care, intuition and continuous research have led Intellienergy Tech® to become a leading Italian Company in the sector of Building Management Systems and Smart Lighting; its customers include some of the most important national and international groups dedicated to energy effi ciency. Buildings in major Italian Cities are managed by Intellienergy Tech® systems, with over 25 thousand systems installed and over a million of control points.



Research is the driver of progress, the development of individuals and society as a whole.
When there is research and development, there is a company focused on its own present, on the market, opportunities, the future and past, determined to learn from mistakes (own ones and those made by others) and present itself every single day on the market, with new ideas and proposals that give it a competitive edge and improve its capacity for adaptation.
Engaging in research and development requires inquisitiveness, the determination to give it your all, weigh up your strengths, believe in yourself and your resources.
This is the vision of the founding shareholders of Intellienergy Tech® and its team, who profoundly believe that new knowledge can be concretely applied in everyday life and be useful for ensuring economic well-being and improving quality of life.


“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”.
These are some of the most famous words by Lord William Thomson Kelvin, a veritable icon in the fi eld of heating design and installation, relevant today more than ever before.
The ecological transition, which will pervade numerous aspects of our everyday lives, will focus on increasing the efficiency of public and private buildings. At Intellienergy we have been working on this since our foundation, on the creation of a simple and powerful control system, a wireless system for the monitoring of air quality and comfort in environments.
The ability to monitor air quality and environmental comfort is a fundamental step towards the improvement of facilities we occupy and interact in every single day, so as to save energy.

Our Values


We never turn our back on our principles


We never stop learning


We believe in our ideas


We believe that strength lies in team values



Intellienergy Tech® is founded. Our adventure fi rst began with the products ICON200 and ICON500 and the fi rst release of the platform Flower.

We first ventured into the world of monitoring, with the design and building of wireless products, under the trademark wirelessmonitoring®.

In order to respond to scalability necessities, ICON50 and ICON100 were designed and built.

We made our début in the world of lighting, with the creation of the Lighting division of Intellienergy Tech®.

In response to needs for simplicity the multi confi gurable product IMC10 was created. ICON30 was created, the smallest controller of the family ICON in just 2 DIN modules.

The line of point to point nodes for the control of public lighting lamps was completed. A stable and solid mesh network, nodes on standard Zhaga
book 18
, in just 40 mm of space (SR V2 Certifi ed product).


The start of a new adventure, controllers are now EDGE and will have computing power, real time operating systems OS® and linux® on board,
integrating standard protocols like Modbus, BACnet®, KNX® and Dali. They will be the new Intellienergy Tech® building and application controllers.


The first quarter of 2022 will see the release of Flower Plus, the new integrated management platform of the Intellienergy Tech® system; available on premise, in cloud and embedded, it will enable the management of complex buildings and multi-sites distributed up and down the country. Powerful and simple at the same time.

2022 Q1

In Q1 2022, we joined the B810 manufacturing group. With its headquarters and main plant in Reggio Emilia, Digicom headquarters in Legnano, a production plant in Durres, Albania, a research and development unit in Chengdu China, B810 Group is a leader in the Italian market in the production of iot objects, used in different sectors, from mobility to energy with the Digicom Energy brand.

Why choose us?

Freely programmable, scalable, I/O universal systems that safeguard investments, objectoriented programming language, complete remote management, reverse engineering functions.
Standard solutions with open protocols and customised solutions, integratable systems, with standard API Rest instruments, interoperability with management systems, asset management, ticketing systems.
Assistance and support for the Customer, both remote and on site, directly from our offices or through numerous qualified local service providers.
Easy and intuitive platform for management, work optimisation tools, KPIs for the monitoring of contacts. Efficiency and saving, this is our commitment.

Today, together with the structure of the Digicom Energy division of B810, we form the Energy BU, with an incredible range of products and solutions, from connectivity, to edge and firmware systems, content and devices software management, wireless monitoring systems, Intelligent valves and servo controls, smart lighting solutions, predictive systems for vertical and horizontal mobility of the building.

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