Old ways of doing
things by new ways –
this is innovation.

Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Edge & Firmware Controllers

What is this?

Edge Computing is the processing of data on the place they are generated.

Why use it?

It takes many advantages as for the latency time, the reduction of data traffic and a greater resilience in case of interruption of the data connection.

Remote control and Management Systems

Free programming, the flexibility of our universal I/Os, product scalability from 4 to 500 I/Os, 24 and 240V power, the platform’s management functionalities, make our system the ideal tool for anyone who must manage hundreds and thousands of buildings dislocated on vast territories. The Intellienergy Tech® system is designed to ensure contractual comfort with minimum energy carrier use, ensuring energy and management savings. Through API Rest and MQTT the system integrates with third party and upper level platforms.

Fields of application:

IES (Integrated Energy Service), MIES (Multiservice Integrated Service Adaptor), FM (Facility Management) contracts.
Use in public and private buildings (Schools, libraries, museums, university buildings, care homes, nursing homes.

Building Management System

BMS (Building Management System) integrates all automation functions in a single supervision system, enabling the management of plants, buildings and infrastructures, even from remote. The use of standard and open communication protocols like KNX®, modbus RTU-TCP/IP, BACnet® and DALI® , ensures dialogue between the supervision software and different fi eld devices, irrespective of the manufacturer. This enables the evolution of spaces over time, facilitating their conversion to new uses. System architecture, adaptable to both standard and dedicated platforms, guarantees simple and centralised control, simplifying the development, implementation and maintenance of plants.

Fields of application:

Hospitals, Executive Offices, University Campuses, Infrastructures, Industry


ICON200Firmware Computing


DDC (Direct Digital Control) controller freely programmable

ICON100Firmware Computing


DDC (Direct Digital Control) controller freely programmable

ICON50Firmware Computing


DDC (Direct Digital Control) controller freely programmable

ICON30Firmware Computing


ICON30 DDC (Direct Digital Control) controller freely programmable

IEC9Firmware Computing


DDC (Direct Digital Control) controller freely programmable – Dual os – Fin framework embedded

IEC4_aFirmware Computing


Edge computer for IoT ecosystems

intellienergy IEC2Firmware Computing


Edge computer IoT

ICON500Firmware Computing


DDC (Direct Digital Control) controller freely programmable

IMC10Firmware Computing


DDC (Direct Digital Control) multiconfigurable controller