In order for the light
to shine so brightly,
the darkness
must be present.

Frances Bacon

Smart Lighting

What is this?

LED streetlights interconnected to the network with connectivity devices that allow remote management and control. In this way you are able to manage your installations in the best possible way by collecting data, alarms and operating information.
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Systems for point to point and cabinet Smart lighting

Today urban areas host nearly 80% of Europe’s population. The challenge of ecological transition lies in making our cities more effi cient, embracing new opportunities and generating employment, making transport effi cient, managing urban and inclusive infrastructures. In a word, cities must become “Smart“.

A Smart City is a place where everyone cooperates to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.
With our lighting Division, at Intellienergy Tech® we focus on making lighting smart, dimming lights according to traffi c or weather conditions, lighting historic and monumental buildings, making management smart, preventing breakdowns and managing anomalies in real time.

Fields of application:

Street lighting, Artistic lighting, City and motorway tunnels


WLC L40Smart Lighting


Lumawise 40 mm wireless node

GTWL2000Smart Lighting


Gateway lighting system

intellienergy WLC N10Smart Lighting


Nema-socket wireless node

WLC L10Smart Lighting


Lumawise wireless node

WLC R10Smart Lighting


Wireless node – retrofitting

intellienergy WLC R50Smart Lighting


Wireless node – pole retrofitting

intellienergy PACSmart Lighting

PAC | Park Area Control

IoT parking sensor

STCSmart Lighting


Traffic counting sensor

STC LSmart Lighting


Traffic counting sensor

intellienergy SMMSmart Lighting


Microwave motion sensor

intellienergy IL LVSmart Lighting


Equivalent veil luminance metres

intellienergy SMISmart Lighting


Infrared motion sensor