Leadership is about magnetic communication.
Leaders have a way of communicating that draws people toward the vision and the horizon.

Doug Firebaugh


What is this?

Communication is the point of contact between any IoT system, the Internet and the Cloud. It is a set of technologies that allows you to connect any type of device to the Internet to control and transfer information and then carry out other actions accordingly.
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Reliable and flexible communications

Communicate, connect, interconnect devices via different interfaces using the cellular network.
PLCs, controllers, industrial PCs must be increasingly connected and secure to interoperate, monitor and send to the Cloud in every situation. Our wide range of products includes Dialer with Gateway in vertical mobility, 2G/4G Modem with serial ports, USB, 4G Router with LAN and serial ports, where the latter offer the possibility to quickly and securely connect IoT devices.

Fields of application:

Industrial (remote control, monitoring, data, SMS) Vertical mobility (lifts and escalators).


Iot RouterIOT Router

IoT Router

A real IoT Hub to manage the connectivity and the sensors to the Cloud application. 4G/LTE, wireless 868MHz and Wi-Fi with serial ports and digital interface. Thanks to the integrated backup battery (optional) it can be used even in emergency situations and blackouts. VPN and MQTT allow the integration into Cloud and in the most popular platforms.

intellienergy industrial routerCommunication

Industrial Router

Specifically designed for industrial applications. They connect to controllers, PLCs and EDGE devices. Equipped with 4G/LTE connectivity, LAN and serial ports with support for ModBUS and MQTT protocols. Easy to configure via Web, and with the support of secure connections via VPN to adapt to any application. Connected to the Cloud for easy and complete remote management.

Modem GatewayModem Gateway

Modem Gateway

The most used applications, such as chillers, heat pumps, control units, require on one hand simpler but no less reliable devices. Available with RS485 and RS232 or USB serial interfaces, they adapt to the most common control units and PLCs and related protocols. Like all Digicom devices, they can be remotely updated to be always online.