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Energy Meter / Analyzer

Why use it?

Constant monitoring of voltage, current and electrical power enables building efficiency. Intelligent management, such as identifying the areas of highest consumption, comes from controlling the quality of the energy supplied on the line.

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it

We face the building management market in all its facets, one of these, perhaps the most important is electricity and heat. We offer meters for different energy carriers, water, gas, electricity and heat.

This gives us a wide-ranging view of the building, optimizing the controls needed to achieve maximum efficiency.


RSE13Energy Meter Analyzer RSE13


Power meter - Direct connection up to 45 A - MID B approval class

RSE11 RSE12Energy Meter Analyzer


Indirect connection power meter for use with external TA with secondary 5A-RS485, complete with Display and keyboard - Certified in accordance with the MID Directive Class B