The farther backward
you can look,
the farther forward
you are likely to see.

Winston Churchill

Predictive Maintenance


In everyday life the planning of maintenance interventions, the prevention of breakdowns and breakages in buildings has become increasingly important. Being able to Identify anomalies early allows to avoid important economic and environmental consequences.

Perfect efficiency in vertical mobility

The prevention of breakdowns and out-of-service in lifts and escalators has become increasingly important. Detecting faults at an early stage improves installation management, avoids economic and environmental repercussions and safeguards the life of the installations themselves.
Perfect efficiency comes from constant monitoring and planned maintenance based on experience gained from data collected by sensors and sent to the Look@CLOUD platform.

Thanks to Digicom's algorithms, you have the ability to detect possible malfunctions, analysing the functionality better and better and creating a solid platform for future innovation.

Application fields:

Vertical mobility (lifts and escalators)



It is an IoT device especially projected for the predictive applications. Equipped with an integrated 2G communication module, a 3 axes accelerometer and algorithms for an intelligent management. Through the BLE interface it manages via wireless the TAG IoT smart sensor. Using the MQTT protocol it is possible to send the information to our Look@CLOUD platform.


Small but smart, Smart TAG is a concentrate of technology that comes from our experience in developing performing algorithms. It is powered with a 4 years lifetime battery depending on use profile. Based on the algorithm, it can be used in various applications, from lift to winch, escalators, etc.


It is an IoT device that transforms a normal contact sensor in an 868MHz wireless one. Projected to integrate standard sensors in IoT ecosystems, it has an intelligent core on board to develop management of sensors transforming them into smart “objects”.