If you understand the universe,
you control it,
in a way.

Stephen Hawking

Smart Valves


In our architecture, every element is intelligent and it contributes to the active management of the ecosystem. There is more. Home comfort with low costs is a great goal that can be achieved by controlling the temperature in the various rooms without unnecessary waste.

Better you control your heat devices,
more you save your money

Through a Peltier device, which powers a backing battery, the servo-controller is fully autonomous in terms of power supply and no batteries are required.




The servo controls of DigiSmart series allow an advanced use thanks to latest generation Stepper Motor, with high levels of precision in positioning. Thanks to the Wi-Fi interface it is possible to access diagnostics and settings. They can also be equipped with a supercapacitor to return the valve to the safety position in the event of a power failure. Also available in Modbus RTU version for smart building applications or connected to Edge Computer and PLC.



The mixing valves of the DigiMix series, equipped with integrated electronics easy to program and with an external temperature probe, allow a correct mixing between hot and cold.



The DigiBrain motorized valve manages an analog command in proportional angular movement.